Le projet

Remembrance14-45, cross-border network of museums and sites of the two world wars

This website presents collections from the two world conflicts in a dozen museums in Belgium and the Hauts de France.

This project aims to develop a cross-border network of museums and sites related to the two World Wars.

Each of the signatory partners wishes to participate in the following objectives:

  • networking and pooling resources 
  • implementing a global site development policy
  • highliting all available sources on the two World Wars
  • supporting the development of partners in terms of expertise, professionalisation, inventory and conservation of collections through joint tools
  • creating workshops favoring the exchange of experiences, the setting up of actions and common cultural and tourist events
  • developping of a better circulation of cross-border public within structures, sites and museums in the territories concerned
  • the inventory and networking of museum collections by a common methodology and software