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  • Bullecourt 1917 - Musée Jean et Denise Letaille

Bullecourt 1917 - Musée Jean et Denise Letaille
1 bis, rue d'Arras
62128 Bullecourt

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 1.30pm to 5.30pm (October to March)
Tel: +33(0)


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Copyright photo : Maxime Delière

Bullecourt - Jean and Denise Letaille Museum - exhibited items

Bullecourt 1917 - Musée Jean et Denise Letaille


The museum Jean et Denise Letaille – Bullecourt 1917 houses the history of the thousands of soldiers who came to defend the Arras sector.


It was created by Jean and Denise Letaille, a farming couple, from objects from the Great War conflicts found in the fields around Bullecourt.


Arms, but also razors, combs and other personal effects from Australia, Germany and Great Britain were found on the old front line beside their owners, fallen during the two battles of Bullecourt in April and May 1917.


A homage to the Australian and British soldiers of the Artois trenches. Indeed, 10,771 Australian soldiers and 7,000 British soldiers were killed or injured during these battles, which aimed to break through the German front line.


These vestiges highlight one of the most deadly yet unknown episodes in the Great War, but above all, they tell the story of the ‘Diggers’, those brave soldiers from the other side of the world.