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Historical and Archaeological Society of Bapaume

Archaeological and Historical Society of Bapaume and its surrounding area


The History and Archaeology association of Bapaume and its surrounding area aims to:

-         Find traces of the history and cultural heritage of Bapaume and its surrounding area

-         Defend, preserve and save every element of this heritage.

It aims to collect this remembrance, share it, understand how it has become a part of us and how it brings us together. It endeavours to hand down this culture to the very young so that they feel ownership for it.

It is planning to make an inventory of the elements (written documents, audiovisual recordings, photos, films, stories, objects...) which bear witness to Bapaume and its region’s past times, traditions and specific activities linked to the place.

It organises temporary exhibitions, edits documents linked to these activities and plans to create a permanent exhibition space. It proposes to interview people who may be able to provide information, contribute to building this inventory and promote its distribution.

Through these concerns and the events it organises, it would also like to create a link between the generations, between the people of Bapaume, both those of Bapaume stock and new residents, but also French tourists or foreigners passing through.

From the prehistoric era to the Great War, our museum is full of testimonies: tools, everyday objects, coins, old registers, photographs of associations and yesterday’s ceremonies, postcards, maps, paintings, souvenirs from the battle of Bapaume (1871). All these elements form so many collections preserved by the members of the History and Archaeology Society and which recall the life and history of Bapaume.

Society’s address (museum): Rue Jean Baptiste Lequette 62450 BAPAUME

Open every Wednesday from 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm.

The library’s historical documents are available for consultation.

Visits to la Reyne bastion and tunnels by appointment only.

Contact: +33 (0)3 21 07 14 26